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Dear Gardeners & Renewable Energy Lovers:

Sign up to be notified when our home biogas units are available starting August 1, 2014. Warm region units for Southern California, the US Southwest and Southeast are available for $2,495 + freight shipping. Arctic Pak units with insulation and heat exchanger for US Midwest and Northeast are available for $2,895 + freight shipping.  Arctic Pak units are intended for use in conjunction with solar vacuum tube heaters (sold separately).


Completely portable requires no alteration to your home.

                    Ships fully assembled. Remove shipping cover and fill!

Makes enough biogas every day to cook 3 meals per day for 10 people or run a 55-inch flat screen TV for 12 hours!

Proudly made in USA using recycled plastic and reused insulation.

Your choice of three vibrant Southwestern colors

Inflatable top shows how much gas is available without gauges

Built-in pressure relief system for worry-free extended periods away from home

Simple operation! Easier than compost and makes superior fertilizer!

Thank you!