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Hestia Home Biogas is an American renewable energy company based in the Pacific Northwest. 

Warren Weisman, Co-founder & CEO

Founder and CEO Warren Weisman is an internationally recognized expert on biogas and anaerobic digestion. He has over 25 years of building experience and has worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and power plant operator. He has written articles about biogas for Renewable Energy World, Post Carbon Institute Energy Bulletin, Permaculture Magazine and The Energy Collective.

You can follow Warren’s blog on Mother Earth News by clicking here.


David Rasmussen, Co-founder & COO

Co-founder & COO David Rasmussen brings 22 years of mechanical and residential and commercial building experience to Hestia Home Biogas. He is an ASE certified mechanic with extensive municipal wastewater construction experience. David oversees biogas projects downstream of the first gas shut-off valve, including plumbing and piping, converting engines or appliances.


Mike Moyer, Attorney

Attorney Mike Moyer is a Partner in Seattle’s Cairncross & Hempelmann’s Corporate practice group. He focuses on supporting growing technology companies, and handles a wide variety of complex corporate finance, securities and commercial transactions, including public and private equity and debt offerings, mergers and acquisitions, licensing transactions, and the formation of partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures. In recent years, he has worked extensively in the clean technology sector and currently represents some of the region’s most promising clean technology and sustainable industry companies.



National Geographic Explorer Thomas Henry Culhane, Ph.D. teaches sustainable energy at Mercy College in New York City. He holds a BA from Harvard, and a Ph.D. from the University of California Los Angeles. Professor Culhane has traveled extensively teaching and demonstrating biogas technology, and installed the United Nations first biogas digester at the UN compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone.


Hestia (Roman Vesta)
Child of Cronus and Rhea, she is the goddess of the hearth, of peace, and the family.
She is a virgin and of all the Olympians the most peaceful and mild.