Renewable Energy accounts for 16% of the world's power consumption and is growing at a rapid rate. Hestia's Biogas Digesters are a perfect addition to compliment your home's current energy resources.

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Designed to be a safe, effective way to produce renewable energy for your family to use at home 365 days a year! A perfect compliment to any backyard landscape or garden design! Now available in 3 attractive colors!

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By taking what is commonly discarded as waste, our biodigesters convert that previously unused energy into useable fuel in the form of biogas helping your household save hundreds of dollars per year $$!

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Easier than compost!

Higher quality fertilizer with no odors!

100% Natural, clean burning, renewable energy in your own backyard.

solar panels 5554444Just a fraction of the cost of solar panels!

Use your lawn clippings!



Hestia Home Biogas is proud to offer our small scale Biogas Digesters.

                        • Turn your kitchen scraps and garden waste into natural gas!
                        • Easy as 1-2-3 to operate, and quickly become part of a your busy family’s daily routine.
                        • Available in any one of three colors.
                        • Attractive design fits in seamlessly with every¬†backyard landscape or garden decor.
                        • Inflatable top shows exactly how much gas is available without the need for gauges.
                        • Built-in pressure relief system allows for worry free operation of the unit while away from home.